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Can dogs eat olives? I know that this might sound like a weird question, but it is one that many dog owners ask. Dogs can eat olives if they are in small quantities and you make sure to keep them away from the pit or stone. Olives are high in fat and salt, so make sure not to feed your dog more than ten at a time.

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Dogs can eat olives, but only in small quantities. You will have to make sure that they don’t get their paws on the pit or stone! Olives are high in fat and salt, so you should limit your dog’s intake of them to ten at a time.  Even though dogs can eat olives in small quantities with an occasional treat, it is still important for pet owners not to feed their pups too much food from this family of foods because they’re high in calories and sodium content.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some animals show a severe allergic reaction when given olive oil as well! For these reasons alone, we recommend against feeding your pup more than one or two servings per day.


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