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Mulberries are a sweet, juicy fruit that dogs love to eat. However, before you feed your dog these delicious berries, it’s important to know whether or not they’re safe for them to consume. This article is going to discuss the safety of mulberries in relation to canines and if they’re actually toxic or not. As a rule of thumb, berries in general are not safe for dogs to eat. Some experts believe mulberries might be more toxic than most berries because they contain high levels of sugar and acidity. Although these types of fruits may sound appealing to you as an owner, it’s best that your dog doesn’t have any contact with them at all. Shop our Mulberry Hill Beds & Blankets:  Long-form content from here on out will appear below this line! When designing the next paragraph or two, please consider where the reader should move their eyes while reading (i.e., left to right) and how many sentences there are per paragraph when deciding what information needs to go into each sentence


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