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Dogs have a different physiology than humans, and as such, they should never be given maple syrup. Maple syrup is made of sugar which can lead to hypoglycemia in dogs. Additionally, the high level of fructose can cause liver failure in dogs who consume it. It’s not just that maple syrup is bad for your dog; it is also dangerous! Give your dog a bone instead. Items: Maple Syrup, Liver Failure, Hypoglycemia Image of Dog Eating Pancakes w/Syrup ??123456″ alt=”” width=”118″ height=”150″/> Items: Pancake, Maple Syrup, Sugar, Liver Failure, Hypoglycemia Questions & Answers about Dogs and Maple Syrup: Can dogs eat maple syrup? Not a chance. The sugar in the syrup can lead to hypoglycemia for your dog; additionally it contains high levels of fructose that are dangerous for your dog’s liver. Fortunately our pancake recipes do not require any sweeteners! We have plenty of non-maple syrupy options such as chocolate or blueberry! What is happening when my dog eats pancakes with syrup on them? Your pup


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