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Ketchup is a condiment that has been enjoyed by humans for many centuries, but surprisingly not all animals. The question of whether or not dogs can eat ketchup may seem like an absurd one at first glance, but the answer is in fact yes! There are two types of people in this world: those who feed their dog ketchup and those who don’t. It’s a highly debated topic among pet owners as to whether or not it’s safe to feed your canine companion this popular food item. In this article you will learn about the benefits and risks associated with feeding your dog ketchup as well as other must know facts about its nutritional value. Benefits of feeding your dog ketchup: Helps to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Is a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for our canine friends. Can be used as an alternative when other condiments or sauces are not available. Risks associated with feeding your dog ketchup: Could cause digestive problems if consumed in large quantities..etc., etc. etc.”}}” data-type=”longform content” /> {{textinput type=hidden title=’


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