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Dogs love food. They will eat anything, and sometimes that includes grits. But can dogs eat grits? The answer is yes, but not all types of them. Grits are a cereal made from corn kernels that have been ground into small pieces. It’s often used as a breakfast food or side dish in the United States, especially in Southern cuisine dishes like eggs benedict and cheese grits casserole. There are two main varieties, white (which has more calories) and yellow (which is usually low-calorie). Yellow grits are also known as cream style because they’re similar to mashed potatoes without the butter or milk added to them before cooking according to this article about how long does it take to boil grits. In the article, it says that while yellow grits are healthier than white ones because they’re usually lower in fat and calories, both types can be enjoyed as part of a nutritious diet. And if you want to feed your dog some too, there are certain types of them he will be allowed by law to eat: hominy cornmeal (which is ground dried corn kernels), masa harina (ground dried maize dough for making tortillas or tamales) and farina cereal (rice or wheat flour). White-style grits should not be fed to dogs because most contain salt which can cause health problems including sodium ion poisoning according to this website about how long does it take to make homemade instant pot


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