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If you have a dog, there is one thing that you should never feed them: olives. There are many reasons why it is bad for your dog to eat green olives, but the main reason is because they contain hydrogen cyanide. This chemical can be very dangerous and even fatal if consumed by dogs. In this blog post, we will tell you 11 different reasons why giving your dog green olives will make them sick! Reason 11: Olives contain high levels of sodium. Dogs are not able to digest the salt content and it can be very difficult on their kidneys. The result is that your dog could end up with a severe case of water retention, which will make them feel lethargic and sickly in general! Reason 12: In addition to being salty, olives also have many different types of bacteria lurking inside them. These include salmonella, listeria, and E-coli just to name a few. For best protection against these harmful organisms try cooking fresh olive before giving them to your pup as they cannot get rid of this type of bad bacteria like humans do through our stomach acid or immune system!


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