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Many people have the opinion that dogs can eat ginger snaps, but is this really true? Dogs are different than humans. For example, they do not produce digestive enzymes like humans and therefore cannot digest many foods that we can. They also lack a gallbladder which means they cannot properly digest fats in food as well as humans. But what about ginger snaps? Can dogs eat them or not? It is possible that dogs can eat ginger snaps, but they may not digest them well. Ginger contains vitamin B-17 which a dog cannot properly absorb into their system. The sugar content of the cookie might also upset their stomach and do more harm than good for your furry friend. The benefit to it all? If you need an excuse to stop feeding your pooch these sweets then this is perfect! They’re upsetting his or her digestive tract after all! But if giving up on those cookies altogether isn’t for you, try baking some homemade treats with healthier ingredients like bananas or carrots instead! Your pup will be much happier afterwards in the long run seeing as how they are made just for him or her (and who doesn’


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