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There is a common misconception that garlic is dangerous for dogs. However, it’s actually not harmful in small doses and can even be beneficial to their health! The truth about garlic and dogs is still being debated – some people say that the benefits outweigh the risks, while others warn against feeding your dog any amount of garlic. In this article we’ll explore what science says about the safety of giving your pup a little bit of raw garlic as well as how much you should give them if you decide to do so. Keyword: can dogs eat garli Content Title: Is Garlic Dangerous for Dogs? SEO Keyword(s): garlic, dogs, is it safe to give my dog some raw garlic? Type of content: Blog Post (Long form) __TOWELING UP WITH SOUS VIDE COOKERY__ After you’ve finished simmering your meat, do not forget the final step – towel off that sous vide dish with a paper or cloth towel. If you’re cooking an entire roast and want to keep its crispy skin intact during serving time then use a light coat of canola oil instead. The idea is to let as little surface moisture escape from the food as possible before putting in on plates and bowls so it stays nice and crisp


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