I am not sure where this came from, but for the past two weeks I have been getting a lot of phone calls and emails from the police and from the citizens who know that this story was going to be out there. So many people have contacted me saying that they are concerned for their safety and they want to share the story with their neighbors. I’ve been told that the police have been in contact with the department of justice and the governor.

In one case, a man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and trying to run away from police. It turns out that the suspect thought he could get away with everything and not be arrested. Apparently, the guy was just trying to get out of the way so he could get away with all the time he spent in prison.

The reason he thought that he was escaping was because one of the cops was running away from him while another policeman was trying to run him down. As you can imagine, that did not go over very well at all. The suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. A very serious matter.

This is the third time this has happened in the past year. It’s also the second time cops have found a gun in an arrest, which does seem to be a serious matter. The suspect’s car was stopped while he was trying to flee, and a gun was seen to be in his car at the time. The second time, the suspect was arrested with the gun in his car, which seems like a minor detail that might not warrant an arrest, but it’s still a serious matter.

I would recommend a video of the arrest scene, with some of the suspects being arrested before they made their way out of the car. The scene is a bit disturbing.

The arrest was made by a small group of men who had been searching for the gun for a few days, but the search went a bit too far (which might explain why it’s not an arrest).

The gun was found, but the suspects were arrested before they could do anything about it. In the video, you can see some of the suspects walk out the back of the vehicle with the gun tucked inside their pants.

The most shocking of these arrests was that of a 23-year-old Blackbriar man who shot and killed an elderly woman. This was the fourth time that the man had been shot. No one has been charged yet.

The man was found to have been under the influence of an over-the-counter substance called “elevated” when he shot the woman in the head, but the police have said that there is no evidence that suggests he was trying to kill anyone. He is currently in custody and the case is being treated as an active crime.

This may be the most shocking arrest ever, but I’ll say it anyway. The man, bainbridge ga, was born in the town of Baine, and has been unemployed since he was a teenager. He moved to Blackbriar after leaving his family, and then to Blackbriar to look for work. He was working at a local park when a man came into the park and asked for help.

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