the first thing that comes to mind is: “What is this supposed to be? What’s the point?” When you think about the events of a particular day, you probably think about the news, not what you were thinking about when you were actually thinking about it. For example, I was reading the news and happened to see “car fire” on the front page and immediately thought of the word “accident.

The other thing I often think about when I read the news is that there is no such thing as an accident. There are only things that are made to happen, things that never happen, and things that happen a lot. So for example, I can’t think of a car fire on the front page that does not have something to do with something else happening. That is the same way I think of the news.

This is why I think of news as the opposite of entertainment. The things that are made to occur are almost always either true or not true. The things that never happen are almost always not true. Most stories that are on the news are not true.

That’s why news is such an important concept for social media. Because if a story is not true, then it is extremely important that our friends and family have it as well. You can’t just post it on your timeline, you have to share it with someone else, and if there are no other people with the same information, then it is more likely that it is not true, and therefore is even more important than if it is true.

I really do believe that if the news is accurate, then people will share it if its true. To me, that is one of the most important things that we can do for our social media. Because we can really only get so much information out of a social media platform, and that information has to be true. That is why I believe that accidents are real, and also why I believe that accidents do happen.

Well, you know, in terms of accuracy, I think a lot of accidents are fake. It’s just that it’s so hard to prove that a car accident is real, which is why we keep seeing them on TV.

Yeah, you’ve got to have some sort of proof of a car accident being real, and I think that you’ve got to have proof of an accident that was faked.

Its not only difficult to prove, it is impossible. No matter how many tests you do on an automobile, you will never be able to get the driver of that car to admit that he was at fault.

In the real world, that is exactly what accidents do. It is almost impossible to verify a car accident. Even if you were able to prove that an accident was faked, it is more likely that your car was involved in the accident, so you will never be able to get the driver to admit that he was at fault. The only way you could possibly prove someone was at fault is if there was a “hit and run.

This reminds me of the famous “You have to be there” ad campaign that was in the late 1990s. This is one of the few ads I’ve seen that shows a driver admitting to something that wasn’t true.

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